From 60k In Debt And Scammed By Famous Mentor To Making Over 300k A Month, A Founder’s Story with Mindy Paul

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3 min readSep 29, 2022

Mindy Paul is emPowering Business Owners, CEO & executives to earn more, work less and attract ideal clients on demand. As an only son, he felt immense pressure to step up, in order to provide a better life for his family, even building a lucrative business from the ground up after only 3 days of the idea coming to mind. But, soon enough — he found himself scammed by a famous mentor, bringing him to the brink of bankruptcy, had a near-death experience, and had maxed out 6 credit cards resulting in 60k in debt. Today, Mindy has climbed out of debt and created an international coaching business that teaches thousands of people in business how to live the life and business they love. He has an extensive property portfolio to his name.

Tell us about your childhood and where you grew up

I grew up in a small town called Bedford, which is 50 miles from London. I’m the youngest of 3 children, I wasn’t a very smart kid at school and I was told that I’d never amount to anything by my teachers.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

I was always into fast cars being a boy. I was 8 years old I remember a neighbor’s friend came around with a Porsche. When I was growing up we never would see such cars so to me it was a big thing. Anyway, the driver of the Porsche spoke to my dad and my dad told him that I really admired his car. The neighbor then tells my dad that he would take me for a drive the next day in his Porsche. I was super excited jumping up and down and screaming with excitement. The next day came and it was a Sunday. I waited all day and sat by the window looking out, so I could watch him as he pulled into my street. I sat there from early morning until around 10 pm. And he didn’t show up. I had tears running down my eyes and I was heartbroken. Right there I vowed and I made a promise to myself that when I’m older I’m going to be wealthy and I was going to buy my own Porsche. I knew that it was a lack of money that was causing me so much pain and I never wanted to experience that pain again. My parents both worked very hard jobs, there was no one in my family that ever had a business or was wealthy. I made the decision that I was going to find a way. Right then I found myself obsessed with creating wealth. I was blown away by successful people and I wanted to know what they were doing to create huge levels of success. That’s when my journey started. From the age of 13 I began buying and selling anything I could, I found a wholesaler who sold some fancy cigarette lighters with fancy designs and I began selling them to the kids who smoked at school. I’d buy them for $1 and sell them for $3. From there on I began looking for different products and I quickly developed a bit of a reputation as an entrepreneur. I was 19 when I started my first company which was a carpet cleaning company and I’d make more money in one week than my friends were making in a whole month. I was creating so much success at the time, I ended up buying my first Porsche 911 at the age of 23. I kept my promise to myself and I made it happen.

What is one business lesson you would tell a startup founder?

make your dreams BIGGER than your fears and stop at nothing



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