Build The Best Teams, Grow Problem-Solving Successful Services, And Never Stop Learning, A Founder’s Story with Kuba Koziej

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2 min readOct 24, 2022

My name is Kuba Koziej, and I’m a tech investor, advisor, and the founder of More Growth — a parent company of LifeAndMyFinances. We raised 5 million dollars in the biggest pre-seed round, up to date. With the raised funds and my experience building successful startups (such as InterviewMe, Zety), I have invested in further growing LifeAndMyFinances. I am working on three new services (Natu.Care, hiJunior, and HelloFinance) with the main focus on well-being, parenting, and personal finances. I want to solve people’s problems, giving them advice backed by professionals and offering them real value.

Tell us about your childhood and where you grew up

I grew up in a small town in Poland, and after I finished school, I moved to Warsaw, the capital, to study at the university. I had the plan to get a degree and start a new job.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

After I graduated, I got accepted into a management internship at a well-known corporation. It didn’t take three months before I realized I was just not cut out for this type of career. I quit and started my first business — an English school. I struggled for a few years — it never got big. Then I founded my first online company and fell in love with the building, scaling, and the impact I could have on the world.

What is one business lesson you would tell a startup founder?

When you want to raise a round, remember that you only need one “yes” to get the best funds. The downside? You might lose some nerves and a few hours. The upside? You can get to a completely different league just because you dared to take a risk and ask for it.



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