A Founder’s Story with the CEO and Founder of Omnia Markets, Mitesh Shah

My name is Mitesh Shah, and I am the Founder and CEO of Omnia Markets Inc., a first-of-its-kind, one-stop platform providing cryptocurrency-based data, proprietary and non-proprietary analytics, comprehensive and reliable industry market information, and trends. This service is just in time to help with investor uncertainty caused by the fall in cryptocurrency.

The Version 1.0 platform fulfills the demand for increasingly cryptocurrency education including key information that is usually hard to find and never all on one site, such as the wash trading removed volume via the proprietary artificial intelligence “cleansing” algorithm. Omnia democratizes the industry, making data available to everyday investors, much of which is now only available to high-income individuals on expensive terminals such as Bloomberg’s. These data include 180+ technical indicators, two AI/ML algorithms, access to the top actively traded coins, etc. The following is a breakdown:

  1. One-of-a-kind platform: Omnia is democratizing features otherwise found in more expensive media for everyday investors and the community.
  2. Value: Users are getting access to high-end features on a little-to-no-cost basis. These features are built from the ground up for the cryptocurrency industry to allow users to conduct in-depth analyses of their specific situations/investment criteria.
  3. Education: Gets users on the same level of information access as more sophisticated investors that already have years of experience in conducting technical analysis. Omnia lays the basis for users to quickly understand what Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, and Bitcoin all are, while also teaching them how to use each indicator offered. While not a replacement for higher education and online schools like Coursera/Khan Academy, users don’t necessarily have to take years of study before they are able to start trading.
  4. Vision: A.I./M.L. concepts — Since there is so much data floating around the industry, Omnia weeds out the noise and provides actionable information and data via its AI/ML algorithms. While the platform is starting with two algorithms, Omnia will quickly expand over a couple of years while also bolstering the currently available algorithms by including deep learning to allow them to grow and mature over time and become more reliable. Omnia Markets is also building a unique ML-based reporting system to allow users to create customized research reports based on their own criteria — allowing them to get a tailored look at the industry and assist in their research and investment needs.
  5. Industry Insights: Our global insights team will provide users with the latest information on the industry and specifically look at how these pieces of information are impacting specific coin prices and the industry as a whole.

Omnia Markets just launched a WeFunder campaign to engender support for this essential tool for investors arriving in time to bring the much-needed analysis of very volatile cryptocurrencies.

The platform is raising $1 million via the SEC’s Reg CF on WeFunder. Investors will receive equity per the SAFE Agreement — Simple Agreement for Future Equity. There are five tiers of rewards for investors to choose from as well as a 5% early bird discount for the first $100,000 raised. Here is the link: https://wefunder.com/omniamarkets

We are looking for investors that want to support a company that provides information from global sources with the highest level of analytical tools at an affordable cost, promotes effortless research to make the best investment decisions in the volatile crypto market, and be a part of a new wave in data analytics in a dynamic market. Now more than ever, investors need unbiased education, information, and analytical tools to make informed investment decisions in a market that has declined along with most of the other investable markets, such as stocks and bonds around the world.

At a time when media is focusing on one or two currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Omnia Markets platform is offering a comprehensive tableau of all major global cryptocurrencies in real-time — which is absolutely necessary for this time of flux in the markets.

Omnia Markets democratizes the industry, making data and tools available to everyday investors, much of which is now only available to high-income individuals on expensive terminals such as Bloomberg’s. These tools include 180+ technical indicators for analysis, two AI/ML algorithms, access to the top actively traded coins, etc.

Omnia Markets uses a combination of indicators including the relative strength index (RSI), simple moving averages (SMAs), moving average convergence divergence (MACD), and Bollinger Bands® (BB) to determine the value of a specific coin.

But technical analysis only tells part of the story. One of the biggest indicators of a coin’s movement comes from the market/investor sentiment, which can often be seen across social media. Coins that have a price point of a fraction of one cent are much harder to analyze. It is important to look at the whole spectrum of coin activity and this is something that my team and I considered when creating the platform.

The blueprint for Omnia Markets, Inc. came into being when I sought to solve one of the biggest problems plaguing the cryptocurrency industry — the lack of sources for reliable information and data analytics. I took my MBA in Finance, years as an analyst and knowledge of the crypto space, and spent years researching Blockchain technologies, which would later become a cornerstone for Omnia Markets’ analytic database. Founding the company in March 2018, I aimed for Omnia Markets to be the most reputable source for cryptocurrency information amongst prospective individual and institutional investors. We needed to touch all bases as far as influencers on the crypto market, in order to trump other cryptocurrency analytics already out there.

The goal is to educate users on the cryptocurrency industry and allow them to analyze the industry and each coin at a high level to develop well-educated investment strategies.

Omnia Markets offers multiple levels for memberships — basic and premium tier level services within the platform to better suit each user. All features of the site are available free to all users until subscription pricing is implemented at a later date. After this, a large portion of the analytical tools will still remain free to encourage and promote investors to do as much of their own research and analysis as possible.

For more information about Omnia Markets, please visit Omnia Markets — Premier Cryptocurrency Analytics (omniamarketsinc.com).



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